“The question to ask is not who has the answer, but what is the process by which we can harvest the collective intelligence and the answers of all of us”
- Anodea Judith




Building healthy futures for organizations and communities since 1993

James Pratt Consulting works with a wide range of organizations to find common ground, set direction, and increase effectiveness. Our approach is client-centred, which means that the process and products of each consulting project are customized to address your particular needs and the unique context of your organization.

Collaborative systems thinking and design of continuous learning loops helps build capacity and enhance health at multiple levels, from individuals and organizations to communities and regions. We take care to complete assignments so that what we leave behind is much more than a process completed or a report written – we help our clients create an organizational ‘skeletal system’ by which future issues can be identified and addressed proactively.

Customized teams with the capacity, skills and expertise you require

We draw on our extensive networks of associates to custom-build consultant teams that can provide the capacity, skill sets and multi-disciplinary expertise that you may require. In addition, we collaborate with our clients to make efficient use of consultant resources.

Values and Principles

Our clients can expect a consulting style that is principled and values-based. We work in accordance with the following principles:

  • Personal and professional integrity
  • Whole systems thinking
  • Collaboration and power sharing
  • Continuous learning

Our work is infused with the following core values:

  • Respect for all individuals and living systems
  • Democratic inclusion and participation
  • Co-operative partnerships